Başatlı Transparent, Green and Mix Pet Flake

Pet and plastic packaging materials supplied with the principle of “Zero Waste Policy”; In our pet flake plants, we recycle using the latest technology in selection, crushing, washing and special production techniques.

Why Başatlı Pet Flake?


Turkey’s leading, San Başatl Pipe & Profile is one of the reputable manufacturers and exporters family company. ve Tic. Was established in 1953 in Kayseri.

From our country to the world

We supply our products to the domestic market and to the six continents of the world with the organization of our foreign trade office in Ataşehir.

Great team

Creative, energetic and innovative team of 200 people

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Başatlı is a company that always thinks for the future and sets off with zero waste.

Working area

Today, we have 24.000 m2 open area and 20.000 m2 closed area in Kocaeli.

From Başatlı to the future

To create added value by serving our country’s development and future together with our investments and employment.


Pet wastes are collected at our collection stations and brought to our factory where they are processed to produce Transparent, Green and Mix Pet Flake.




 Başatlı Boru & Profil San. ve Tic.

Today, in Kocaeli 24000 m2 open area and 11.000 m2 closed area at Basatli Pipe Profile Factory in Turkey are provided and also are exported around the world more than seven continents. In addition, Istanbul / Atasehir found in the domestic market and export sales Basatli Plaza are organized and carried out. Factories and sales offices today as we continue the road non-stop with our staff of 200 people.